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Installing Common Codec on Fedora 19 (Schrodinger Cat)

As you know, not only Fedora but all Linux distribution who still try to make the distro purely just added open source package inside the distribution package will not have common codec. Fedora only support for open source codec format like OGG and OGV. For installing common codec, you will need this package installed :
Sep 9, 2013
Posted by fspot

Installing LAMPP (XAMPP for Linux) in Fedora

Maybe it can do on other Linux distributions. But, we have try it on Fedora and it's works. LAMPP is acronym from Linux Apache MySQL PHP PHPMyAdmin. You can download LAMPP from
Nov 19, 2011
Posted by fspot

Installing Codec on Fedora 16

It is one of big problem for users who use Fedora especially for new user. Fedora only include some (absolutely) open source codec. Now, we will explain how to installing most using codec to Fedora 16.
Posted by fspot