Posted by : fspot Nov 18, 2011

We knows that every release of Fedora never add codec to installation package. This is an offline suite of codec you can use to play most format of multimedia file.

Before you downloading and installing, we thinks you must know the content of the package. This codec suite contains :
  • VLC Media Player
  • gstreamer plugin bad
  • gstreamer plugin ugly
  • gstreamer ffmpeg
  • and some package dependencies needed

This is how to download and install this ofline codec suite for Fedora 16 :
First, download the fedora 16 codec suite offline
Copy the downloaded archive to your home directory
Type this command in terminal :

$ tar -xzvf
$ cd codec/
$ su root
Password : <-- insert your root password
# yum -y install *.rpm

or if your computer is absolutely offline, try this way :

# rpm -Uvh *.rpm

But, this ways will no longer usable if you have installing same package with some package included on this codec suite. If you find the conflict package problem, see what package are conflict and then delete it from codec/ directory and run the command again.

NOTE : This offline suite is (really) downloaded from repository. So, it will no contains harmful application or any malware. But, it still come with no warranty from us. Use it if you need and take your own risk. We ain't take responsibility if this suite (in case) make your system unstable. But, we ensure that every offline package are tested by us and work normally.

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  1. Are these x86_64 or i686? Are the RPM packages signed? How do we know this does not contain malicious data?

    Download and install at your own risk.

    Why not just use RPM Fusion? all these packages are included in the RPM Fusion repo, plus they are signed, verified, and receive updates.

    Seriously, you need to be online to download this unsigned tar.gz file from your untrusted source, why not just recommend that users get the rpm from RPM Fusion, move it to a USB stick, and install on their offline machine? Much safer.

    Once again Mr. Fspot, you not only disappoint, but you encourage dangerous, stupid behaviour from those who may be unknowledgeable enough to follow your idiotic advice.

    Please take some time and read up on the basics of administrating a Linux system before you write ANYTHING else. You are doing the world a huge disservice.

  2. The meaning of "take your own risk" is not all Fedora users understand about installing package (online and offline) to their systems..
    The meaning of "come with no warranty from us" is because any contained package is downloaded from repository (Fedora repository and RPM Fusion repository).
    So, if it make your system unstable, we have no responsibility because its not ours..
    The good news is we'll never make any offline package from repository anymore. Not because we "inject" malicious data on the package, but we cannot trust any file hosting...
    Maybe our offline package will be hacked and the responsibility come to us...
    and now lets look where you are...
    You live (maybe) at high speed internet connection, ready to download, install, remove, update, and upgrade anything whatever you want..
    But I swear many people out there is not like you...
    this site just want to help the people like that..
    I guarantee this site will never harm users..
    If I must tell you, I make this site not for my benefit..
    I just want to share what I ever do with Fedora..
    Fedora is amazing...
    And I make this site to help other people exploring what Fedora can do...