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Fedora Project built in 2003 and always going bigger. Fedora have strong foundation and now have many users. From Fedora Core 1 until now, Fedora never underestimating users and always give maximum service. This is 5 reasons we choosing Fedora :

Absolutely Free

Fedora come with GPL License and it is not just free to use. Users also free to study, modify, and redistribute it. The "absolutely free" is not just for Fedora but also every package included on Fedora installer is absolutely free too.

Many Purpose in 1 Operating System

Fedora is not just suitable for desktop but also for other purpose like servers, mainframe, routers, developers, graphics design, etc. The flexibility of Fedora come from the big community who develop Fedora and make it best ever. Users can explore many options to improve their ability in 1 operating system : Fedora. For example, if you want to build a server using Fedora, you can installing LXDE or XFCE as Desktop Environment or never use it to minimalize memory usage. Almost all stuff to build a server is available in Fedora repository.

The Miracle of Yum

Yum is package manager used by RedHat colony (RHEL, Fedora, and CentOS for example). Yum is not only have ability to manage package online but also have ability to manage package offline. Yum is dynamic, we can choose which repo we'll use to install needed package/applications without change default setting. In installing, Yum never lost tracking needed dependencies. And while removing, Yum never leave any unusable package/applications. Boring with yum because it work on terminal?? Install YumEX, the GUI for Yum.

Always Use Newest Technology

Fedora never left behind on using the newest technology and bind it to Fedora. Fedora always use newest technology and make Fedora one of powerful FOSS OS ever. We can see in Fedora Feature List abut what technology will be added to new release of Fedora.

Not Just Newest, But Must Stable too

Fedora never including unstable package to Fedora Installer. It only including stable package to give quality guarantee for users. We can see it from repository. Fedora including testing repository. It contains unstable package because still in exdperiment progress. But, the testing repository is disabled by default to keep the quality. We can see it from Fedora Feature List too that only stable applications will be included on new release of Fedora.

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  1. I agree, I use Fedora 16 on my netbook and I love it!

  2. i love fedora i tried ubuntu 12.04 linux mint arch and some more but they were not near to fedora in terms of excellence