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Installing LAMPP (XAMPP for Linux) in Fedora

Maybe it can do on other Linux distributions. But, we have try it on Fedora and it's works. LAMPP is acronym from Linux Apache MySQL PHP PHPMyAdmin. You can download LAMPP from
Nov 19, 2011
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5 Reasons Choosing Fedora

Fedora Project built in 2003 and always going bigger. Fedora have strong foundation and now have many users. From Fedora Core 1 until now, Fedora never underestimating users and always give maximum service. This is 5 reasons we choosing Fedora :
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Installing Codec on Fedora 16

It is one of big problem for users who use Fedora especially for new user. Fedora only include some (absolutely) open source codec. Now, we will explain how to installing most using codec to Fedora 16.
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Codec Suite Offline for Fedora 16

We knows that every release of Fedora never add codec to installation package. This is an offline suite of codec you can use to play most format of multimedia file.
Nov 18, 2011
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Fedora Repository

This is a very basic knowledge all Fedora users must know. Repository is libraries of application packages you need to work and using Fedora optimally. There is 2 ways in add repository. Online and Offline. This is the explanations.

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